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Pests such as mosquitos, flies and wasps, can not only pose health risks to humans, but they can also harm pets as well. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) advises that summer is prime season for ticks and fleas, which can seriously harm pets and should be looked upon as more than just minor annoyances.

Ticks can cause muscle weakness, loss of coordination and even death if the chest muscles become paralyzed. Fleas can cause anemia, dermatitis and can transfer tapeworms.

Here are a few tips that the NPMA offers to prevent fleas and ticks:

  • Check pets frequently for fleas and flea dirt. Be aware of excessive scratching, licking and nibbling grooming behavior in pets
  • Avoid walking in tall grass where there is a greater chance of encountering fleas and ticks
  • Bathe pets after walks or playtime with other animals
  • Wash pet bedding, collars and plush toys frequently

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