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Novartis Animal Health recently announced a program for pet owners dealing with prevention and control of fleas. The program’s campaign focus is titled “The Dirty Truth About Fleas.”
Television celebrity, Mike Rowe, will be featured with his dog, Chuck, in showcasing flea solutions by educating, entertaining, and sharing “unconventional” web videos. Rowe is best known for being on the Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs.



As part of the campaign’s launch, Novartis Animal Health United States donated a sizeable contribution to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet. This charity sponsorship was shared at a live event held in New York City on the deck of the USS Intrepid on September 19, 2011.




Rowe shared his comments on the event and his involvement, stating, “I’ve been bitten by just about every parasite on the planet,” he said. “Bed bugs, lice, ticks, leeches…I even had a tape worm for a while. I’m happy to work on a fun, slightly unorthodox campaign that helps rid the world of blood-sucking parasites. I mean, when was the last time you saw a talking dog?” Rowe adds, “When U.S. soldiers go ‘over there’ their pets stay ‘over here.’ Somebody’s gotta look after them. Guardian Angels make it possible.”


Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is a volunteer 501(c)(3) that is totally non-profit and supports military service members, veterans and their pets through their Foster Home and Military Pet Assistance Programs. These programs strive to reunite pets and their owners are military deployment and/or hardship. They are also working on the first military, veteran, and pet sanctuary for pets until long-term foster care is secured.



For more information about the Dirty Truth About Fleas campaign visit



Further information about Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet may be found at or

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