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GREENVILLE, N.C. (March 18, 2014) – The Mazek Corp. today announces the launch of a complete line of Pet Owner’s Repair Kits™. With seven new Pet Owner’s Repair Kits to offer, pet owners now have a cost effective alternative to replacement of pet damaged furnishings. The Leather & Vinyl Furniture, Fabric & Upholstery, Carpet and Vinyl Floor Repair Kits are available as well as the newly developed Colorize Impossible Stain Cover Kit. The Repair-a-Tear and All Black Leather & Vinyl Repair Kits round out the line.

The Pet Owner’s Repair Kits provide a quick, easy and affordable way – for the 102 million U.S. households that have dogs and cats – to repair pet damage such as furniture, carpets, draperies, car interiors, clothing and other items.

“With 8 out of 10 pet owners experiencing some sort of pet damage there is definitely a need and a niche for these products,” Scott Maust, Mazek Corp. CEO, said. “The Pet Owner’s Repair Kits incorporate the same products used by repair professionals for years but packaged and priced for consumer use. Each kit is designed to address a specific need and includes everything a pet owner requires for professional repairs. Kits include a practice repair sample piece, color mixing chart and a set of easy to follow instructions to guarantee success.”

For the first time, pet owners can save thousands of dollars in expensive repair and replacement costs of household items caused by pet damage by using the Pet Owner’s Repair Kits.

The Pet Owner’s Repair Kits are the first and only complete, affordable and easy way to get professional repair results of household items damaged by pets. For more information and to purchase the kits, visit

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Media Contact:
Doug Belknap

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