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There are now twelve emergency and specialty care veterinary clinics in New York that are open around the clock. One of the newest advanced treatment centers is Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, or VERG.

VERG offers 24-hour emergency, critical care, neurosurgery, dermatology, cardiology and internal medicine services among other areas of specialization. Another clinic, NYC Veterinary Specialists on West 55th, houses $1.1 million linear accelerator and an $800,000 MRI machine. With its 40 doctors they specialize in surgery, behavioral medicine, ophthalmology and radiology.

This is a growing trend across America. As human medicine advances, so does animal care. However, with advanced technologies, comes advanced pricing. The average emergency visit can range from $500 to $1,000, complete cancer treatment can range to $40,000.

When it comes to animal companions, many owners are willing to do all they can to help. Broadway conductor, Henry Aronson, made constant visits to VERG when his Italian greyhound Lulu received chemotherapy treatments for lymphoma.

“My wife and I sit around and talk about VERG—about how much we love the place,” Mr. Aronson said. “There is a great emotional vibe there, and you feel very well-supported.”

Pet insurance options are available and some pet families feel insurance is wise choice. More and more clinics are accepting CareCredit, a payment plan.

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