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LAKE WORTH, Fla. (April 24, 2015)Relief! Finally, a 100% natural prevention and cure to pet urine burn marks on your grass and hedges. Dog Rocks have been in the Australian, UK and European markets for well over six years with millions of packs sold worldwide (the UK Royal Families dogs swear by them!).

Dog Rocks will dispel every pet owner’s fear of allowing their pooch to roam free in their garden. Dog Rocks will help to stop pet urine killing grass, box hedge and shrubs in one quick cock of the leg or delicate squat. With Dog Rocks, your dog can SAVE your lawn and you can let your pet enjoy your garden as much as you do!

“We have been selling the product in the UK and European market for about six years and based on that success we decided to tackle the much bigger US market, the results to date have surpassed expectation and its really starting to take off over here!” says Carina Evans, CEO. “Our mission is to provide pet parents with 100% natural and convenient solutions to help them live in harmony and enjoy the honor of caring for animals.”

“They really work!” – Freya Ireland, Wiltshire.

“Apparent & dramatic difference.” – Anne Lawrence, Devon.

“Dog Rocks are really effective, even my husband who was very sceptical at first admitted that they really do work; no more yellow/brown spots on our grass!” – Donna Kellner, Garden Grove, CA.

“We tried everything and nothing has worked on our lawn like Dog Rocks. It has never looked better.” – Sarah Vizard, CA.

Consumer Opportunities:

  • Buy back guarantee – we put our money where our mouth is!
  • 100% natural, proven & convenient – no need to medicate your pet at all
  • Safe for all household pets and endorsed by vets and pet parents worldwide

Need more detail?
Dog Rocks cause excess nitrogen from drinking water and urea to be filtered out into the Rock its self, acting like a sponge and reaching a saturation point at around two months when they need to be replaced. A high concentration of nitrates can cause grass to turn yellow or brown. Urine is naturally high in nitrogen and alone can cause grass burns but by using Dog Rocks, less nitrates go into the dog meaning that less nitrates are coming out the other end.

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Carina Evans

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