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NEW YORK (March 19, 2013) — Pets are a major part of many people’s lives, and they’re about to get an online voice just like the rest of us with the launch of uraPET — the new social network where pets do the talking.

The site allows users to set up a profile and post, comment, share and “like” as their pets, giving their pets a voice. And, just like with the increasingly popular social network Pinterest, uraPET users can also pin and re-pin photos on public walls.

“For millions of people, pets are a very important part of their lives. This is apparent by all of the posts, photos and comments we see on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest about people’s pets and the funny or amusing things that they do,” said Sharon Sexton-Braun, founder of uraPET. “This website is a great way for users to share their pets’ ‘thoughts,’ including captions and status updates that reflect their pets’ personalities. It’s a lot of fun and is quite addicting.”

To get started with uraPET, users must sign up for the social network as their pet and fill out a personal profile that includes a description of their pet and his or her interests. They can then begin pinning photos on their public wall, organizing them by different “boards.” The website also has standard social networking features for interacting on private walls.

Once logged in, uraPET users are directed to the dashboard, which is an easy-to-use platform giving them access to recent updates from pets’ friends, a search function and the option to view and edit your pets’ own profile. You can also invite your friends to join so that you can keep each other updated on the adventures of each other’s pets.

“As any pet owner knows, all animals have unique personalities, which can provide for hours of entertainment,” said Sexton-Braun. “We got to thinking — what if pets could interact online, just like us humans do? While we know that’s not exactly possible, uraPET creates a fun, lighthearted environment in which we can see what life would really be like if dogs, cats and other furry friends could log on and communicate with each other.”

The “president” of uraPET is Bailey, Braun’s English Cream Golden Retriever. Bailey maintains an active profile on the site. Lounge Lizard Worldwide developed the uraPET platform, which officially launched on March 15, 2013. To learn more and to get started today, visit

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