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January 27, 2012From discounts on pet services to veterinary office visits and pet food, PETching provides deep savings to the community. PETching has branched out to make their pet daily deal website into an online pet community with the Lost & Found feature tab powered by Google Maps. With these features, PETching provides a platform that the pet community can utilize to share tips and recommendations, purchase pet daily deals, and post and search for lost pets. Along with donations to charities and no-kill animal shelters, the company has found an additional resource to help provide support for the local community.

To aid in this community effort, the company’s interactive Lost & Found section on their website utilizing Google Maps™ gives the community an additional resource for owners to find their pets and similarly, find the owners of the lost pets that have been found. With Google Maps’™ innovative technology and PETching’s execution and team of creative developers, the pet community now has an additional resource to connect owners and their lost pets.

The company is looking for local animal shelters and organizations to partner with to help aid in the process.

“We really want to get the word out there so that we can do our part to assist shelters and help the community in finding their pets. If they go to our website and end up purchasing a deal for their pet that saves money for them, that’s an added bonus, we want to put an end to lost pets,” VP of Marketing & Media Development, Chancellor J. Lastra, says.

The company is dedicated to fostering a loyal community of pet lovers through daily deals and an emphasis on locally-owned establishments. PETching is the first of its kind to be exclusive to all pets and give back to the local community.

“PETching will revolutionize how consumers shop for their pets and create an additional resource for the pet community. It creates an online pet community with our Forum feature where pet owners alike can share tips, tricks, and recommendations,” PETching CEO/Founder Lorenzo Oliver states. PETching’s carefully curated pet deals include goods and services such as: pet sitters and walkers, pet boarding services, veterinary clinics, pet bakeries, and much more.

Launched in 2011, PETching provides subscription-based customers with pet-related daily deals from both local and national companies. PETching connects pet owners with locally and nationally owned businesses in an effort to create an online and offline community of animal lovers. PETching is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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