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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (March 27, 2014) – Pet owners, landscapers and consumers tired of unmanageable heavy-duty bags can now pre-order a practical new solution for carrying and sealing household products. Bag-Straps™, a device that offers a no-clip sealing solution to keep the contents of large household bags fresh and easy to transport, launched a campaign on Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, on March 10, 2014.

Bag-Straps creator Jason Shepherd found himself on-the-go with his two dogs, consistently spending too much time grappling with the annoyances of food transport and contamination-free storage. Feedbags spill easily because they aren’t re-sealable, and cumbersome plastic bins do not keep food as fresh as the original bags in which it is packaged. Inspired by his own experiences as a pet owner, Shepherd decided a better solution was necessary for safely storing and transporting food.

“I understand how impossible large bags can be sometimes,” Shepherd said. “After reading articles about how dangerous it is to keep dog food in a bin, I started looking for better solutions for storing his food, but hauling around a big bag was just too inconvenient. The use of Bag-Straps eliminates both these issues. Utilizing the benefits of pet food bags, coupled with the secure seal created by Bag-Straps, I’m not worried about my dog getting sick because I served him spoiled food. Plus, the easy-to-manage strap completely eradicates any notion of an unwieldy bag, making transport a breeze.”

Composed of a sturdy handle and a long hook and loop fastener, Bag-Straps are quick and simple to use. After rolling the top of a bag down tightly, owners simply place the plastic handle securely on top, then wrap the strap around the bag lengthwise, slip it through the proprietary handle and secure the strap to itself on the other side using Velcro, creating a convenient sealing and carrying solution that provides optimum leverage and keeps contents contaminant-free.

Not just for pet food bags, Bag-Straps are a multi-functional household necessity. Ideal for properly sealing and carrying large bags of charcoal, fertilizer or concrete, Bag-Straps help block moisture and prevent spills, keeping your products safe through the seasons. Bag-Straps have a carrying capacity of 50 lbs. and measure 10” x 3.5” with a 45” strap.

“I believe Kickstarter is the perfect platform to launch such a practical product, because so many people can relate to the everyday problems I was experiencing,” Shepherd said. “Bag-Straps offer a top-notch solution for many household bags—not just pet food—plus, they alleviate the back tension and pain caused by carrying heavy bags improperly.”

To cover the first round of production and start-up costs for his company, Shepherd has introduced his Bag-Straps to Kickstarter with a goal of raising $40,000 in funding by Monday, April 14, 2014. The product can now be pre-ordered for $15 and those who order can expect to receive their Bag-Straps by August 15, 2014. If the project goal is not met, backers will not be charged.

For more information about Bag-Straps, please visit the Kickstarter campaign or

About Bag-Straps™
Bag-Straps™ are a no-clip solution to closing large bags created in 2013 by Jason Shepherd. Inspired by a need to seal and transport pet food effectively, Shepherd created Bag-Straps as a solution to the problem. Effective for all kinds of large bags, including charcoal, lawn products and many others, Bag-Straps was launched as a Kickstarter campaign in March 2014. For more information, visit or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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