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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (September 29, 2014)Pup’uccino is a coffee house with a twist. In an effort to provide an innovative and unique experience for dog owners, lovers and rescues, Pup’uccino is a new dog rescue café concept that provides an indoor dog oasis and a strong sense of community based on coffee and companionship.

Pup’uccino CEO and UNC graduate student Alicia Greenwalt is on a mission to create a unique atmosphere that fosters friendship and support among community and rescue groups.

“Pup’uccino has four main values which drive community,” Greenwalt said. “We want to provide a comfortable and healing environment for pets and people alike, act as a conduit for conversation between the community and local dog rescues, support our neighbors by teaming up with local small businesses and provide our customers with fast and friendly service.”

Open to dogs of all sizes and ages, Pup’uccino will be comprised of two spaces, a Front Room and a Lounge. In the Front Room, guests can order and enjoy coffee and dogs are welcome on-leash. The Lounge however, will be a unique off-leash area, which will allow guests and dogs to relax and socialize freely.

As a cornerstone of their business vision, Pup’uccino hopes to provide a central location for rescues to meet and mingle with potential adopters. With a goal of both giving back and sustaining the community, Pup’uccino plans to donate 5 percent of all profits to local animal rescues.

“As the number of ownerless animals rise, shelters are reaching capacity and having trouble meeting the needs of their community,” Greenwalt said. “A large hurdle these shelters face is lack of accessibility to the public, because there are very few options for potential adopters to interact with rescue dogs in a relaxed environment where dogs can be dogs and roll around and play. Pup’uccino will be the new face of dog rescues, replacing loud kennels and crate-filled parking lots.”

In addition to promoting local rescues, Pup’uccino supports local dogs owners.

“As a dog owner, I understand the guilt you feel when you come home after a long day of work, tired and exhausted, only to see your dog wagging his or her tail ready to play,” Greenwalt said. “There are very few options for a dog owner at that point that can accommodate both an exhausted owner and an antsy dog. Busy dog lovers need a place where they can bring their pets to play while they have a chance to relax.”

Launched on September 12, Pup’uccino has to meet their goal of $70,000 by November 11 in order to receive their funds. So far they’ve already raised over $25,000. If successful, Greenwalt will open the first café by Summer 2016 in North Carolina with the goal of opening more stores across the U.S. in the near future.

For more information regarding the Pup’uccino launch, visit the Pup’uccino Kickstarter campaign page.

About Pup’uccino
Pup’uccino is an innovative, new dog rescue café concept that offers a unique experience for dog lovers and rescues by providing a leash-free indoor dog lounge that serves as a great space for rescues to meet and mingle with the community, getting them out of their kennels and into their forever homes. We will donate 5 percent of our annual profits to local dog rescues and are dedicated to serving the community by offering employment to hard-to-hire groups (veterans, handicap able, etc.) and striving to provide living wages for our employees. We hope to expand throughout the U.S., helping dogs and communities nationwide. For more information, please visit or our Facebook or Twitter page.

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Media Contact:
Alicia M. Greenwalt
(910) 986-5026

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