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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (February 17, 2014) – Healthy Brands for Life has recently introduced the Tether Tug, an outdoor dog toy that promotes healthy tug play and cardiovascular health. The Tether Tug mimics an owner playing tug of war. As the dog pulls against the toy, the Tether Tug pole flexes and flings the toy in the opposite direction causing the dog to chase the toy and start the tug all over.

The Tether Tug’s unique design allows for full 360 degree rotation and can bend all the way to the ground, providing hours of energy-burning outdoor play. The durable construction can handle any size and breed of dog, and the end toy can be interchanged with other toys to keep the style of play fresh and engaging.  Each Tether Tug comes with a 55-inch Tether Tug pole, an in-ground base, quick connector attachment and a Tether Tug Rope Toy.

The Tether Tug was co-developed by a father and son duo, Roger and Adam Huckfeldt, who created the toy to help promote cardiovascular health in dogs.  Like humans, pets that lead a sedentary lifestyle can become obese, develop heart problems or other debilitating conditions.

“I am thrilled to be introducing the Tether Tug to the dog toy market,” Roger Huckfeldt, Tether Tug co-inventor, said. “I think our customers will find it is easy to use, their dogs will love it and be healthier for it.”

For more information about the Tether Tug, please visit or call 1-888-458-5759.

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