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New Eco-Friendly Disposable Poop Scooper Shields You from the Poo

PROVO, UT: August 27, 2011 — Walkadog Inc. has introduced the Poop-Eater TM, an environmentally-friendly disposable poop scooper that shields fingers from feeling the poop they are picking up.

Whimsically designed as a scaly toothed “lean, green poop-scooping machine”, the Poop-Eater’s patent-pending design makes cleaning up after your pet painless and fun. Small enough to easily fit several into your pocket, the Poop-Eater’s folded recycled cardboard exterior encloses a sturdy securely-attached biodegradable plastic bag.

The user simply folds the bag out, reverses and holds the folded cardboard, pulls the bag back up over their hand, and uses the flexible plastic-bag covered cardboard to grab the dog’s mess. The cardboard insulates their fingers from having to feel the texture of the poop. They then pull the bag off of their hand, enclosing the excrement in the bag, twist the top of the bag closed, and push the twisted end of the bag through a slot in the cardboard to secure the bag closed.

The Poop-Eater is an easy-to-use affordable alternative to plain plastic bags. “A thin plastic bag alone is a poor barrier between you and your dog’s mess,” said Walkadog Founder and CEO Peter Rane. “The Poop-Eater makes a gross job a lot easier, and has a little fun with it at the same time.”

Currently available in affordable eight-packs, Poop-Eaters are perfect for pet owners on the go.

About Walkadog, Inc.

Our focus at Walkadog is to provide dog owners with quality products that make caring for their dog easier, more fun, and affordable. Incorporated in 2010, Walkadog is now marketing the Poop-Eater and the Walkadog Leash Trainer, and our designers are hard at work developing new dog care products. Find out more at

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