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PHOENIX (February 11, 2016) – Dogs suffering from severely itchy skin can now find relief through a new, organic remedy. Natural Paws announces the release of Ditch The Itch, a chemical-free, all-over body spray for itchy dogs.

Ditch The Itch is Natural Paws’ answer to their customers’ pleas for a natural alternative to ingested antihistamines and injected steroids for relief from itchy skin. The product consists of an organic blend of plant extracts and essential oils, and works on contact to relieve itchy skin due to a variety of underlying causes such as bacteria, fungus, histamine triggers, dryness, and stress response.

Customer responses to Ditch The Itch have been overwhelmingly positive, even in its initial trials. “I honestly can’t believe the change in Rosa,” writes one of the product’s beta-test parents. After each application, she literally stops itching for numerous days! I can’t stress enough what a positive change this has been. She typically chews and gnaws during the night and I know for a fact she sleeps now. It’s the most effective product I have found!”

Ditch The Itch is the fifth handcrafted, sprayable remedy from Natural Paws. The Arizona-based company is dedicated to making products that fulfill its mission statement, “Helping Dogs Feel Better…Naturally.” Company Founder Elyse Horvath states that this mission started with one special pet.

“Sweet Pea, our Cocker Spaniel, had started licking and chewing her paws, which led us to develop our original paw products for her use,” said Horvath. “Since discovering that so many of Sweet Pea’s troubles were quite common ones, we realized that the need for these products was a need shared by so many pet parents, and that is what continues to drive us forward every day.”

Natural Paws now offers three organic remedies for dogs with troubled paw pads, as well as EARoma thEARapy, which is the industry’s first and only sprayable ear wash, allowing dogs’ ears to be cleaned without flooding of the ear canal. Natural Paws’ products can be found at veterinary practices, pet supply shops, and groomers in Arizona, as well as at select stores nationwide and online. For more information, please visit

About Natural Paws
Founded in 2005 by Elyse Horvath to solve health-related issues for her beloved Cocker Spaniel, Sweet Pea, Natural Paws is dedicated to helping dogs across the United States and Canada by directly improving their comfort and well-being through natural products. Based in Phoenix, Ariz., Natural Paws creates effective, holistic remedies to relieve common skin ailments in dogs to help keep paws, skin and ears healthy, clean and feeling great. By sourcing safe and effective organic and wild-harvested essential oils and extracts, Natural Paws has earned the approval of veterinarians, naturopaths and informed pet parents nationwide. For more information about Natural Paws and its line of products, visit or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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