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Natura Pet Products, a company founded by John and Ann Rademakers and Peter Atkins in Santa Clara, California, in 1992, has announced its next project slated for later in 2012.


On the heels of finalizing a $10 million expansion project, the Fremont, California, plant will be growing later this year. Dubbed the “High Tower Project,” the final phase of the 40,000 square foot tower will be commissioned later this month. According to the Fremont Tribune, the 136.5-foot concrete building includes raw material bins, laboratory space, employee welfare areas and product receiving systems.


Brian Streit, Natura’s vice president of manufacturing, shared, “I’m extremely happy with the project. We had a very good plan going in and have been able to hit on close to 100 percent of the design tenets of that construction, which match the existing facility from a food safety and sanitation perspective.”


According to Streit’s comments to the Fremont Tribune, storage capacity has been improved for raw materials and to enhance quality control functions. With the addition come two dozen new jobs recently filled at the plant.


The next phase of construction will occur in December of 2012 when Natura’s 12,000-square-foot health and nutrition center site will almost double in size. The addition will house administrative facilities, animal care facilities will be increased, and there will be improved technology.


The city’s deadline to complete lead remediation a the shooting range under the terms of the purchase agreement is April 30, 2012.


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