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MyApartmentMap is searching for a pet owner that goes above and beyond to accommodate their pet’s living needs for their new contest, the Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad. Pet owners are known to spoil their pets, and MyApartmentMap wants to find the owner that has pampered his or her pet the most to make the Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad. This contest is open to all types of pets and all types of pampering in apartment rentals and houses.


The pet owner who showcases the most elaborate lengths to make their pet’s life as comfortable as possible will receive $1000 and MyApartmentMap will donate $250 to their favorite animal rescue or shelter. Numerous pet owners shower their pets with playgrounds, castles and even decked out fish tanks. As a result it comes as no surprise that, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, US pet owners spend over $41 billion on their pets a year.


Those interested in entering the contest, should upload a picture of their Pet Friendly Pad to the Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad Contest page. A winner will be determined by online voting. The winners will be selected by MyApartmentMap visitors who vote for photos posted on the MyApartmentMap Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad contest page. Reader votes will choose the Final winner of the $1000 and $250 to the winner’s favorite Animal Rescue.

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