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The Travel Channel will feature Morris Animal Inn, a five-star luxury resort and spa for pets, in an episode of its television show, “Petcations,” airing December 11, 2011. Specifically, the show will feature the Morris Animal Inn’s Weight Loss and Fitness Camp for canines.


Morris Animal Inn has been owned and operated since 1960 and is located on over 12 fenced-in acres with purified air, smoke and sprinkler systems, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and daily floor-to-ceiling sanitizing. Passed down through four generations, Morris Animal Inn is located in Morristown, New Jersey. Amenities for guests of the inn include indoor and outdoor play areas and pools, one-on-one and group recreation, grooming salon and spa, and a specialty boutique.


In the episode of “Petcations,” the focus will be on the weight loss and obesity portion of the inn. It will follow the daily regimen of dogs that either need to shed extra weight and/or get fit for better health purposes. The next session of the camp will take place January 9 through January 13, 2012. Its “Fit and Spaw” program is designed to keep dogs active and stimulated via stress-free treadmill and aerobic swimming sessions, nature hikes, massages, and homemade treats.


According to recent statistics, more than half of all dogs and cats in the United States are deemed overweight or obese, as reported by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Approximately 41 million dogs are overweight or obese, so the show hopes to target those pet parents.


The Travel Channel headquarters are in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and is a satellite and cable channel devoted to documentaries and how-to shows and programming as pertaining to travel and leisure around the United States.


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