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As the official spokesperson for Corigem® Animals Products, Monty Roberts announced the launch of Corigem® Animals website and online store.

In addition to providing information about the entire line of Corigem® products, the website shares knowledge of assisting animals in healing from a variety of frustrating dermatological conditions.

Dubbed the “Horse Whisperer,” Monty Roberts began his own experimenting with the line while on his horse farm, Flag Is Up. Impressed by the fact that the products were effective but also natural and botanical, Monty began using the line himself. He noticed an immediate surface relief to his rosacea and dermatitis.

Corigem® propolis is sourced from local floral areas in Brazil, resulting in propolis that is completely free from environmental toxins such as lead, mercury and pesticides. This combination results in propolis five times richer in bioflavonoids, amino acids, and other complex medicinal compounds than propolis from anywhere else in the world.

“The power of Corigem® against fungus is greater than anything I’ve ever witnessed,” said Monty Roberts. “The restorative properties of Corigem® are phenomenal whether it is dog, cat, horse or any animal, a cut or an abrasion will be restored to health faster and leave less evidence of its existence than anything I’ve ever seen.”

Corigem® products are touted as 100% natural, pH balanced, and manufactured in a cruelty-free, FDA-approved facility. Corigem® is an international firm dedicated to providing the highest quality of raw propolis available.

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