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Merck Animal Health, the global animal health business unit of Merck, announced that is has donated approximately $30,000 to three veterinary and farmer associations in Japan to support recovery of the Japanese animal sector–including the equine industry–following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that left the country in widespread devastation. The disaster had an immense impact on the healthcare situation of the pet, pig, and livestock sectors.

Merck Animal Health has made the donation available to three important stakeholders in the Japanese animal sector for further coordination: the Japan Veterinary Medical Association, the Japan Pork Producers Association, and the Regional Livestock Industry Promotional Council.

The Japan Veterinary Medical Association works for the restoration of the veterinary care supply at the afflicted area. Their portion of the donation will be used for the support to and reestablishment of the pet shelter and veterinary facilities. The Japanese Pork Producers Association and the Japanese Livestock Industry Promotion Council will allocate the support based on the degree of damage in the afflicted region and the funds will also be used to restore businesses which were severely damaged due to ruined barns, feed factories, and the evacuate order away from the disaster area.

“After the international community has provided support during the acute phase of the disaster, for example via shipment of emergency supplies of veterinary medicines and the activities of first responders, it is equally important to continue to support the Japanese animal health and associated sector in order to accelerate the recovery of this economically important category,” said Leopoldo Nanni, Vice President, Head of Asia-Pacific-Sub Sahara Africa at Merck Animal Health. “We trust that via this donation we can contribute to the Japanese society, enabling them to overcome this difficult situation.”

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