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MedPro Imaginghas announced the creation of a new division of ultrasound products and repair services serving the veterinary market. MedProVet sells new, used, and demo equipment of ultrasound manufacturers and has launched the first ever veterinary probe repair lab in the world.
Founded in 2005, MedPro Imaging is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and was founded by Charles Jahnke and Keith Rubenstein, both considered ultrasound industry veterans. With the formation of the MedPro Vet division, Neil Walendy was promoted to director of United States Veterinary Sales.
Jahnke, president and CEO of MedPro Imaging, shared, “MedPro was founded on the goal of offering our customers the highest quality ultrasound products at the best price with industry leading service.  By delivering on this premise, we now sell virtually every brand into every discipline of medicine.  It is this leverage that will translate into savings for veterinarians.”
The Waukesha facilities will be home to the veterinary probe repair lab, which will repair micro-convex probe lenses damaged by needles during cystoscopies and fine needle aspiration procedures. The lab can also replace a host of items such as connectors, housings, cables, strain reliefs, arrays and re-terminate arrays.
MedPro Vet also announced a partnership with Siemens Ultrasound as their exclusive distributor in the veterinary market. Walendy reported that the Siemens X300 offers superior performance per-dollar ratio with regards to its image quality, feature sets, and pricing of similar systems from competitors.
Doing business in 17 countries, the company also has offices in Longmont, Colorado. Walendy shared his sentiments, reporting, “MedPro Vet plans on capturing system service in the veterinary market in addition to probe repairs.  There is a very large market segment of veterinarians who bought portable GE ultrasound who now have aging systems and strategically opt out of extended service contracts.”
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