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Mediacy, a national media company that specializes in niche advertising concepts announces Petlife Media, a new company for pet owners. Mediacy’s Petlife division aims to offer solutions to the $50 billion pet industry.
Petlife Media will be offering Pet Frames. Pet Frames are, 18” x 24” picture frames mounted on the walls in groomers, veterinarian offices, and pet stores in the top DMA’s. Attached to these frames are hand-sanitizer dispensers which attract people to view the frames while keeping people and pets germ-free.

Mediacy offers a unique option for advertisers to reach pet owners. Product advertisements will be within the frame. There are couponing and take-one opportunities available as well.

Petlife’s dispenser is free to the participating venue and Mediacy is responsible for its installation, refilling, and maintenance. Pet venues interested in participating in Mediacy’s Petlife program should contact


Launched May 1, 2009, Mediacy, Inc. is comprised of experts in the out of home media segment dedicated to developing and delivering a unique product with customized content through a series of specialized networks.

Mediacy, Inc. has created and is launching a unique, patent-pending form of “add-on publishing”. Mediacy offers a variety of custom printing options including a take-away component using perforated pages, and a variety of printing technologies to serve the advertisers. Programs cost a fraction of traditional advertising, and have the capability of delivering a truly customizable message to a targeted consumer audience.

According to founder and CEO Michael Gitter, “Mediacy is a company tuned into what’s happening, where people are going and what they are doing, regardless of the recession, and have found an untapped market in the out of home media arena. Utilizing our research, we have developed a new and unique ad vehicle with customized distribution to penetrate this market and allow our advertisers to attract the exact customer that they want to reach.”

Pet consumers are a large audience that continues to grow and Petlife plans to expand its program to include initiatives in dog-friendly hotels, dog parks and other highly targeted pet venues into the future.

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