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Maine resident Jenny Dwyer and her husband have launched Mutt Nose Best, a natural pet product line that includes doggy shampoos, conditioners,  scented sprays and nose balm.  The Dwyers tout their products are all natural, sulfate-free and made in their home state.

The inspiration for their company came from the couple creating a balm for their dog’s nose when it needed sunscreen. The Mutt Nose Best product line was launched about three weeks ago.  The Dwyers said their products are now being sold on the web and at 26 different stores. Each month, Mutt Nose Best is also donating a percentage of its profits to a different pet charity voted on by its customers

In further keeping their products environmentally safe, the Dwyers said  the packaging company they employ is a “pre-cycler,” which means they take surplus and obsolete packaging and re-purpose them, keeping tons of waste out of landfills. The practice allows companies to cut down on corporate waste and reduces the drain on natural resources. For more information about Mutt Nose Best go to

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