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With billions of dollars being spent in the pet industry every year and millions of travelers taking Fido and Fluffy along, one jet company has stepped up to embrace this clientele. Magellan Jets works with pet owners to ensure their pets can fly safely, carefully, and with a pet-friendly crew aboard. In addition to the welcoming staff, rest stops and toys for pets are included on all Magellan Jet flights.

The company reports a total of 30 instances in 2009 with pets ending up lost, injured, or killed while being transported via regular airlines. As part of their mission statement, Magellan Jets claims they will “give you our word that we too will go to the ends of the earth for your air travel needs.”

While upper-level private jet membership programs are generally costly, Magellan touts itself on focusing on customer safety, superior services, and setting themselves apart from other air charter and fractional ownership programs.

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