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TailsSpin, a premium pet food and accessories retailer in the Savannah, Georgia, area was recently named as the winner of the Macon Mogul business completion from The Gateway Initiative.

As a result of this win, TailsSpin receives a startup package valued at over $50,000 in products and services designed to help the business grow.

The business was selected from 16 other finalists in the competition that was designed to encourage small business in the downtown Macon, Georgia area. TailsSpin co-owner Jusak Yang Bernhard stated, “When we were invited to be a finalist, we were so overwhelmed. Our mission has always been to create a community and reach out and to be a bridge between pet owners, government agencies and pet welfare agencies as well.”

Offering high-end food and supplies for cats and dogs, the company was founded in 2007 and has a total of 18 people working in their Savannah and Pooler, Georgia stores. Four employees will be hired at first in Macon and they plan to open within four months.

Director of The Gateway Initiative, Beth Dunwody, shared that other finalists in the competition have received offers of help to locate downtown. Dunwody told the, “As you can imagine, this was an extremely difficult decision for our jurors. We are not through with you yet. Our goal is to see each and every one of you opening downtown in the near future.”

The Macon Mogul program started in October of 2010 with an initial 90 applications. The group was narrowed to 20 and four withdrew or did not complete the business plan required to continue.

TailsSpin owners, Bernhard and Jeff Manley, along with general manager Brad Tatom and Colby Branum, will manage the Macon store.

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