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A light box designed to help treat pets suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has been launched by 21-year-old entrepreneur, Max Marvin. The product is dubbed Sol Box.

Available from, the Sol Box is a light therapy box that is touted as helping pets receive adequate amounts of light to help balance mood and sleep regulating hormones. Instructions in indicate pets should gravitate on their own toward the light and the minimum effective dose is about 30 to 45 minutes of light.

Marvin found that his own dog, Luke, was drawn to the box. In his research, he found that vets often give pet owners Prozac or other related drugs to pets suffering from a lack of sunlight. “It was at this moment that I knew I was onto something,” Marvin said. “I realized that no one was providing a natural treatment for depression in pets.”

Pawsitive Lighting will begin shipping the units in mid-November of 2012. Marvin gained manufacturing experience from his other company, Bare Creations. He teamed with an English manufacturer that had experience developing high quality light therapy devices. They worked to unveil at Portland’s pet Expo.

The Sol Box is a compact 10,000 lux light box and retails for $199.

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