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A new corporate website has been launched by LifeLearn, Inc., to provide user engagement, resources, multimedia tools, and an expansion of services to its clients and customers.


LifeLearn is an educational publisher and interactive new media developer with a company mission to bring learning to life via educational resource development for life science professionals and ultimately improving the health and welfare of humans and animals worldwide.


The new website utilizes the same platform as LifeLearn’s WebDVM4 web site design and hosting service. This enables blog articles, visitor comments and social media engagement.


LifeLearn was founded in 1993 and evolved from the Veterinary Continuing Education Program of the Ontario Veterinary College. The privately held company is located in Guelph, Ontario, and the University of Guelph its largest shareholder. They publish their own proprietary communications and educational products in electronic and interactive multimedia formats including e-learning professional development and training courses, client communications, consumer education, and corporate solutions.


James Carroll, chief operating officer of LifeLearn, shared, “”A large part of LifeLearn’s business is geared toward helping veterinarians create a strong online presence that enables better client communication and education, leading to better compliance, better business, and better patient care. We are following our own advice with Our new site allows us to better connect with our customers, highlight the broad scope of our services, provide more proactive service levels, and deliver information that helps veterinarians run a better business.”


In addition to a veterinary focus, pet owners can subscribe to LifeLearn’s new MyPetED service and mobile app. This service includes “Find a Vet” searchable database, “Adopt a Pet” searchable function, and other information about pet health and care.


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