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LEI Medical founder and company president, Brian Lawson, proudly announced that one of his widely used inventions in veterinary anesthesiology equipment, a special “pop-off” valve, is being used in Banfield Pet Hospitals. Lawson revealed that in 18 years, LEI Medical has never had one single equipment-related animal death reported.


In 2003, Lawson designed The Schuyler Safety Pressure Relief Valve due to demand from Banfield Pet Hospital, who happens to be one of LEI’s top clients. Lawson was tasked with creating a pressure occlusion valve that would be placed on LEI Medical’s anesthesia machines for use in Banfield Pet Hospitals nationwide. Currently, there are over 750 Banfield Pet Hospitals in the United States, and LEI Medical produced over 1,000 valves for Banfield.


“A lot of the machines used for animal anesthesiology are designed for human use,” Lawson shared. “I wanted to design for the special needs of both animals and veterinarians that would make it safe, efficient and reliable.”


Lawson is an engineer by trade and designs products with animal safety in mind. Data from current studies suggests there is a one in nine chance of anesthetic complications and a one in 233 risk of death in dogs and cats. Using the Schuyler Safety Pressure Relief Valve, it is designed to stay open and only shuts when forcefully pressed down. Universally adaptable to almost any anesthesia machine, the product includes

a safety pressure relief valve, stop-sign instruction card with accessories, installation instructions, machine and vaporizer leak test card and a pop-off valve functional settings card.


“The purpose of the safety pop off valve is to eliminate the accidental death from over inflation of the lungs due to operator error,” Lawson reported.


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