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Laughing My Tail Off, LLC, a company that design, markets, and manufactures products for dogs, has announced the appointment of Alex Berenson to the position of Director of National Sales. Berenson replaces the position previously held by Karen Weinberg.
Berenson brings 21 years of experience to the company in the branded and private label apparel manufacturing sector. A goal for Berenson, according to a company press release, is bringing Laughing Leash and matching dog collars to pet retailers nationwide.
Sarah Boley, Chief Operating Officer for Laughing Leash, shared, “We are pleased to appoint Alex Berenson to the position. This was a move that was made necessary by the dramatic growth in sales in the past year and it will give our CEO more time to devote to new product development, company management and to the company’s ongoing charitable efforts to benefit Animal Shelters and rescue groups nationwide.”
The Laughing Leash is designed to be tangle and drag free, stay off the ground and away from dog paws, extends from two feet to six feet, and eases tension on a dog’s neck by reducing jerking. The Laughing Leash is available in two sizes, and both extend to the six foot length.
Laughing My Tail Off was selected by Dog World magazine as a 2010 Editor’s Choice Best Product Award Winner and a top shelf featured product by Pet Age magazine.
Inspiration for the company is a dog named Bennett, who according to the company’s website, looks like a lamb and has the strength of a lion. His owner attempted to find the perfect leash, to no avail. After years of developing and testing the leash, the Laughing Leash was born.
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