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The American Humane Association (AHA) recently awarded “War Horse,” the latest movie from director Steven Spielberg and from DreamWorks Pictures, with its highest certification rating. It was granted the award, Monitored: Outstanding, No Animals Were Harmed by the AHA.  For complying with AHA guidelines for “safe use of animals in filmed media” that ensures the safety of the horse and full cooperation with AHA’s Film and TV Unit, the award was bestowed on the movie.

The AHA’s Film and TV Unit logged over 1,100 hours on “War Horse” sets in both England and California and ensured the safety over more than 100 horses in the process. The AHA has been safeguarding animals in film since 1940.

During the production of “War Horse,” AHA representative Barbara Carr was present to ensure the horses were treated safely and humanely. Director Steven Spielberg stated, “I gave Barbara [Carr] the complete, final cut so to speak, to pull the plug if she felt any of the horses were not up to the challenge or any of the horses were in any way in harm’s way.”

Prior to any stunt or action on behalf of the horse, Spielberg gave Carr input on set and in the planning process. He also allowed her the opportunity to watch rehearsals in slow motion, one step at a time, to ascertain that the horses were safe.

The movie opens nationwide on December 25 and is based on the book and Tony award-winning stage play of the same name. The movie opens with a friendship with between a horse named Joey and a man named Albert, who trains and tames the animal. When they are parted, the film follows the course of the horse as he moves through war and inspires all who cross his path, including British cavalry, German soldiers, a French farmer, and his granddaughter. The story reaches its climax in the heart of No Man’s Land.
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