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Petco Foundation has awarded Kirkland Off Leash Dog Group (KDOG)with the $19,000 grant.  A new dog park planned for the City of Kirkland property received funding thanks to KDOG requesting money to cover the expense of hog fuel for the base layer ground cover.  Volunteers from KDOG wrote and submitted the proposal to Petco.

“We have spent a lot of time talking with the other cities and other dog groups and have learned the best in class practices. Hog fuel, and a lot of it, is a key component to our park – this is a woodchip-type product that is high in absorbency, does not retain odor, stays in place and comes highly recommended to us by rescue groups, dog daycare facilities, and other dog parks such as Marymoor,” said KDOG President Jean Guth. “We need a thick initial layer to keep down the blackberry re-growth. I think we made a compelling case to the Petco Foundation that Kirkland is going to build a great new dog park. This grant is a significant step towards our doing that.”

The funds to cover the construction of the site is not completely settled, volunteers are still working vigorously to recover the remainder of the funds needed, which includes expenses for:  fencing, entry way pavers, signage and contributions towards ongoing park maintenance.  Although the site was approved in November 2010, the city’s financial situation forces the park to be built strictly from donations and gifts.

Once the dog park officially opens, it will end a 10 year wait for a dog park to open in the city of Kirkland, Washington.

For more sponsorship details visit or for more information about Kirkland Off Leash Dog Group, visit the company on Facebook.

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