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ATLANTA (March 5, 2014) – Katio • Dogio has launched its first Indiegogo campaign ending on Thursday, March 13 to raise capital for its line of merchandise and to build brand recognition of its mascots, Kute Kitty and Dappy Doggy. This campaign seeks to raise $33,000 to cover final design for manufacturing and legal fees, as well as place initial orders for Katio • Dogio merchandise.

Katio is a new pet product coming to market Spring 2014. It is a litter box and window perch container that installs in any standard window like an air conditioning unit. Its companion product, Dogio, comes with a pee pad liner tray and a ramp for easy access. You can also order the ramp separately for older and injured cats.

Katio • Dogio is partnering with local no-kill charities that share its values of adopting rescue pets and educating the public on the importance of spaying and neutering our pets. Once the products come to market, Katio • Dogio will donate a percentage of profits to each of its charity partners annually, which include AHIMSA House, Atlanta Humane Society, Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption, Good Mews and Humane Society of Louisiana.

Katio • Dogio’s second campaign will be on Kickstarter where customers can begin placing pre-orders for their Katio and Dogio for their homes! This will begin immediately following Indiegogo’s completion.


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