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With the pet oral care market in the United States taking in revenues of approximately $450 per year , biotechnology company, Kane Biotech Inc.,recently completed a study of a StrixNB, a patent-pending pet oral care product. The study was completed using a test protocol from the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VHOC)  and was the pilot dog efficacy study for StixNB.
StixNB is comprised of a combination of ingredients labeled Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) and designed to inhibit plaque formation as well as killing bacteria that is preformed in dental plaque.
The study focused on the effectiveness of StrixNB in reducing dental plaque, calculus and gingivitis in adult dogs. Food and water consumption was monitored in addition to body weight change for dogs that were testing the StrixNB versus the control group of dogs. The study showed a reduction in calculus, gingivitis, and dental plaque with no difference in body water nor food or water consumption.
Dr. Sri Madhyastha, Vice President of Research and Chief Scientific Officer of Kane Biotech, shared, “Completion of the pilot study has demonstrated the efficacy of StrixNB against bacteria associated with dental plaque and periodontal disease in dogs.”
Kane Biotech is a biotechnology company and engages in developing products designed to prevent and disperse biofilms, which are a cause of many medical conditions. Biofilms are known to develop on surfaces including teeth, lungs, catheters, and lungs. According to Kane Biotech, chronic wound healing in the United States health care system is a $20 billion dollar per year industry.
With dental disease being the number one oral disease in dogs and cats, Kane Biotech now plans to launch a full dog study to confirm and evaluate StrixNB’s efficacy in preventing oral care disease.
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