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K9 Natural, the world’s fastest growing raw dog food company, will be making its debut at the Superzoo expo, Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas on September 13-15.

K9 Natural is rapidly expanding around the world with their pure freeze-dried product. It’s understood no other pet food producer offers a higher quality freeze dried raw diet, which is 100 percent made in New Zealand from fresh New Zealand produce.

Geoff Bowers, K9 Natural founding director, said he was not aware of any other manufacturer offering freeze-dried raw diet that met the Association of American Feed Control  standards using whole foods only, as opposed to adding vitamin and mineral packs. Bowers is a former British marine and police dog handler who spent three months living with wolves in Alaska.

His K9 Natural company has been growing at 350 percent annualised growth for the last three years in a row. The USA is one of their biggest markets and they also export to Canada, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

The latest news hot off the press is that K9 Natural will launch Feline Natural, a freeze dried raw cat food that cats absolutely love, at Superzoo. They are also launching freeze dried green tripe food (not treats). Both the Feline Natural and the green tripe have been requested by almost everyone they have talked to so the demand is stronger than ever.

“Our frozen raw food has arrived on the East Coast and will shortly be arriving on the West Coast. The frozen raw food range includes beef, lamb, chicken, green tripe, and raw meaty bones. We are proud to announce we have also added two new distributors to our team, Pet Food Experts New England and Animal Supply Co.,’’ Bowers said.

“You can find the K9 Natural and now Feline Natural range in the leading ‘healthy dog and cat’ independent retailers. This network is growing every day as we try to make the food available to dogs across the USA and Canada.

“Everything we do is with the uncompromising goal to make the food as close as possible to nature as we can make it. We make one of the highest quality raw food diets in the world and by freeze drying it we make is simple to use so the customer has the best of both worlds.

“But I really urge all dog owners around the world to feed their pets with the best species appropriate diet. We pour the blood back into our food. We source every ingredient from New Zealand and we manufacture the food in New Zealand. We offer a food that has not been sterilized, heat-treated or pasteurized in any way – it is 100 percent raw.

“We offer a bulk freeze dried raw food box which brings the cost of feeding freeze dried raw food closer to frozen raw food but without all the hassle associated with feeding a frozen raw food diet. We say that nature is perfect and our food is not. We do not have any GMO ingredients. The meat comes from animals that are grass fed and GMO free.’’

Dog food that contains non species appropriate ingredients like corn, wheat, rice, soy, artificial ingredients, preservatives or anything that nature does not provide as part of a normal diet for a canine are not in the best interest of a dog’s health. K9 Natural is the only fresh raw 100 percent complete diet sourced from New Zealand animals deemed fit for human consumption on the market.

Current New Zealand sled dog champion Mark Roberts has seen significant increases in the athletic ability of his huskies since going from dry food to a raw diet. “The switch from feeding my dogs a dry kibble food to K9 Natural raw food has been immense. In terms of physical attributes they are now significantly stronger, leaner and have much greater endurance base and ability to keep going at a higher work rate. Furthermore, injury rates have decreased massively, meaning that I can focus on improving the dogs’ fitness more than ever before instead of being concerned about injury enforced lay off periods.’’

K9 Natural food is sourced from and produced in New Zealand and is now selling in more than 20 countries with the exports growing daily.The K9 food is different from other dog food in that it is 100 percent natural, raw and made from either beef, lamb, chicken, venison, salmon and a small amount of vegetables, eggs and fruit, true to the nutritional needs of canines. 

The company aims to feed up to one percent of the world’s 200 million dogs, for which it would produce 250 tonnes of K9 a day.  The global pet market is a very competitive industry, worth around $US2.2 billion a year. According to the National Pet Owners Survey,  there are 77.5 million dogs in the US alone.

Media advisory: For further information, comment, photo or interview contact Geoff Bowers on +64 27 3666059 or; or Kip Brook at Word of Mouth Media NZ on +64 275 033855 or

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