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Patricia Carr began her home-based business, K9 Kelp, in Canada because of a love of dogs and now she’s on a first-name basis with canine clients across the country. Currently Carr is hosting a contest called K9 Kelp Star.


“People can submit a picture of their dog to our website and the winning dog gets their picture on a limited edition (100 bottles) of shampoo. Our official mascot, Jayda, has been showcased on our products but we wanted to add another special dog on a limited batch of our Kelp Shampoo available to customers across North America.”



K9 Kelp specializes in health and grooming products such as an all-in-one moisturizer for use on paws, snout or any dry spots on the body, shampoo which cleans and adds nutrients to the skin, and a spritz which helps condition the skin and fur while eliminating odors.




“The moisturizer is used to protect dogs’ paws. It can also be used for horses. One lady bought it to treat rope burn on her horse and it worked very well, the problem cleared up within a few days.”



The collection of kelp used in K9 products is hand-harvested and the fronds are properly cut to ensure regrowth and sustainability, said Carr. The kelp taken from the ocean waters of Northern B.C. is slowly sun-dried to preserve its vitamins, minerals and rich green color. Drying and processing is done with a government-licensed marine processing plant.


However, the most popular item is doggie treats, they are packed with nutrients, flavor and fresh ingredients, she says.


“We make our canine cookies fresh the night before to sell at the (Saturday) Farmers’ Market,” said Carr, who moved from the U.S. last year. “We use chicken broth as the base and of course kelp along with other natural ingredients. Kelp has 60 nutrients that are very beneficial for dogs and the kelp we use is 100 per cent B.C. harvested kelp.”


“Besides using natural ingredients in our products, we also try to make them affordable for pet owners.”



Kelp is said to be high in antioxidants, rich in iodine, boosts immune system, promotes supple skin, reduces dryness, helps provide shiny coat, helps with digestion, balances hypertension, reduce arthritic pain, and help lowers blood pressure.



The submission deadline is August 31for the K9 Kelp Star contest. All valid submissions are put on the website and the public votes for their favorite picture. K9 Kelp will keep the voting poll open until Sept. 15. K9 Kelp products are sold in Canadian pet boutiques or online at,

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