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VENTURA, Calif. (March 22, 2016) John Paul Pet, a leading grooming and hygiene product line dedicated to the proper care of all pets, has announced the launch of its new Bathing Basics campaign, designed to educate both retailers and consumers about how to properly bathe pets. The campaign will include a four-page brochure entitled, “How Wet Should I Get My Pet,” a landing page of the same name, and 12 individual bathing tips for both cats and dogs that will be featured on 12 different John Paul Pet product bottles.

With shampoo being one of the more challenging categories for pet stores, John Paul Pet set out to create a fun way for retailers to engage with their customers more about proper bathing techniques. Retail associates can download the brochure via the Bathing Basics website and can request copies of the brochure by emailing The redesigned product bottles with added bathing tips will hit shelves in July, wherever John Paul Pet products are sold.

“When we were conducting veterinary research, we were surprised to find out how many people were bathing their pets too much or using the wrong products for their pets’ coat,” said John Paul Pet Co-Founder John Capra. “We wanted to create a way to educate both retailers and consumers at the same time, as there is usually little opportunity to do so. Bathing Basics and ‘How Wet to Get Your Pet’ are what we hope is a solution to that.”

Every John Paul Pet product bottle will feature one bathing tip per bottle with tips ranging from proper water temperature, to how to bathe cats correctly, to how to prevent your pet from slipping during bath time. The tips were added to reach consumers at point of sale and they are urged to visit the website to learn more about the campaign and to take a quiz to become a qualified “Shampoo-ologist.” For consumers who purchase products online, a tips card will be shipped – along with the requested products – containing instructions to visit the website and information about how to obtain their certificate.

“Explaining the correct way to bathe your pets can be confusing for retailers who want to help their consumers, as well as those consumers,” said Gina Dial, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at John Paul Pet. “A quick Google search will bring up many different websites and YouTube videos with advice that varies from site to site. John Paul Pet is always looking for fun ways to further educate and engage the pet community and our new Bathing Basics campaign is one way for us to help our retailers and consumers break through some of that clutter.”

To that end, the last few pages of the brochure and the website contain a quiz reviewing many of the tips, to help retailers better explain them to their customers and to help reinforce the information for the consumers themselves. Once complete, similar to the website, there is a certificate at the end to become a qualified “Shampoo-ologist.”

For more information about John Paul Pet’s Bathing Basics campaign or to receive a copy of the brochure or 12 bottle tips, please contact Shannon Stevens at 1.877.703.3824, x107 / or Gina Dial, VP of Sales and Marketing at John Paul Pet at 512.657.7396 /

About John Paul Pet

Thirty years ago, John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, revolutionized the professional salon industry by banning animal testing for his line of hair products. John Paul’s in-depth expertise in hair and skin care formulations also led to research in new standards for pet grooming and hygiene, leading to the creation of John Paul Pet shampoos, conditioners, sprays and pet wipes. John Paul Pet actively supports programs benefiting all animals, including Best Friends Animal Society, Morris Animal Foundation, PAWS, the California Wildlife Association, the Humane Society of the United States, as well as numerous Humane Society and SPCA events, pet rescue organizations and pet charities nationwide. For more information, please visit or connect with John Paul Pet on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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