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ccording to a report filed in the Pan Orient News, despite economic problems and one of the worst natural disasters in Japanese history, Japanese people are embracing the pet industry business sector.


According to data released, the pet industry in Japan has become more than a one billion dollar market. It is not unusual to see Japanese people strolling with dogs and dressing them in expensive brand name clothing. For example, one business, Take and Give Needs Company, a wedding service, has reportedly started offering tailor-made outfits for pets so they can attend special occasions, such as owner weddings, with style. The company decided to launch the service after they noticed many wedding halls in Japan allowing pets.


One employee at Take and Give Needs Company reported that about 300 couples request to have their pets at weddings every year. In addition, other Japanese companies have taken heed to the booming pet business. Nursing services, pet sitters, insurance companies, trainers, and pet funerals have all emerged.


In addition to dogs and cats, other animals that are being raised as pets in Japan include fish, birds, hamsters, turtles, snakes, rabbits, lizards, ferrets and beetles.


A survey conducted as to why Japanese people like their pets so much found that over 50 percent of respondents stated their pets give them peace of mind and warmth. Another 45 percent revealed they feel they can relax with their pets. A total of 41.2 percent replied that children grow up to be better people if pets are in the household, with 30 percent responding that pets are good for security.


Though Japanese household spending has decreased over the past year, pets are getting a larger piece of the family budget, with spending on goods for pets in 2011 amounting to 1.8 billion yen.

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