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The Irvington Pet Hospital in Freemont, Calif. has launched an updated website that is filled with additional information for local pet owners. It includes more about the animal hospital as well as a weekly newsletter and a blog with tips for caretakers.

Deborah Rue, D.V.M. said, “We are excited to share the redesigned site with our local pet owners. We know that pet care is a 24 hour job and intend for our website and online features to be great resources for pet owners.”

The mission statement of the animal hospital is listed on the website and states that they are dedicated to providing high quality veterinary care, as well as educational information for pet owners. Veterinarian Dr. Mertens stated, “Our website is truly an asset to helping us carry out our mission to help pet owners create healthy and meaningful bonds with their pets, while keeping them healthy and happy.”

The Freemont animal hospital website has a “Veterinary Topics” section where pet owners can read up on relevant pet care information. Topics cover everything from pet health conditions such as arthritis to tips on bringing home a new pet. The site also features a section devoted to first time customers, called the New Patient Center. Pet owners are able to download forms to complete prior to their appointment and learn what to expect during their appointment.

The blog on the new site is regularly updated with seasonal and local information for pet owners on pet health care, prevention, and local happenings. Pet owners have the ability to sign up to become website members as well. Website membership is free and includes a complimentary subscription to the e-newsletter which is distributed bi-monthly.

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