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Invisible Fence Brand launched the Doorman programmable electronic pet door. The Invisible Fence Brand uses 40 years of technology to help pets quickly and easily understand their boundaries safely. They boast a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate with over two million pets using the system.

The Doorman electronic pet door is designed to allow pets the freedom to safely exit and enter their dwelling while being equipped with automatic locking and features to keep unwanted visitors out. As the pet approaches the Doorman, it automatically unlocks.

Albert Lee, Director of Invisible Fence Brand and head engineer for the Doorman, shared, “The Doorman is designed to work for both cats and dogs, like all of the Invisible Fence Brand solutions, and can be personally customized to provide different access for different pets, unlocking for the dog but not the cat, for instance.”

Invisible Fence uses a wire that is discreetly installed around the customer’s property, which creates an invisible boundary. Professional pet trainers teach the pet boundaries and avoidance behaviors so pets understand and learn where they may and may not go. The pet’s custom collar delivers a warning tone and if needed, a non-harming static correction if they come too close or test the limits.

Some features of the Doorman include automatic locks to keep other animals out, programmable settings to lock or unlock, insulation and flaps for elements protection, along with being paintable according to customer needs and desires.

Lee further shared, “With the one Computer Collar a pet can go in and out as he pleases while still staying safely contained in the yard and out of areas inside and outside where he is not allowed.”

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