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The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), whose services include pet transportation through the United States and internationally, recently presented its 2011 Industry Partner Award to Lisa Meador Schoppa of Continental Airlines. The award was given during a ceremony held at the IPATA International Conference in Hong Kong.
IPATA presents this award to a person, organization or company on behalf of some type of consultancy, business products or services that pushed the barriers within the industry.

The organization considers both members and nonmembers of IPATA whose partnership with them has enabled improvement in business for IPATA members, including enhanced ability to serve customers. Operations Director for Multi Cargo, Ltd., Ciaran McDonald, nominated Meador Schoppa, stating, “Many airlines treat animal transportation as just another part of cargo sales, but Lisa is different. She is caring and very much at the fore of animal transportation.”

Continental Airlines’ PetSafe program does not accept pets as checked baggage. Instead, pets that previously traveled as checked baggage experience safeguards when traveling as cargo with Continental. Some features of the PetSafe program include a 24-hour live animal desk, confirmed booking prior to departure, personal handling in climate-controlled vehicles for connections over Continental’s hubs when the animal will be exposed to temperatures above 85°F (29.5°C) degrees for more than 45 minutes, and more.

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