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LOS ANGELES (January 25, 2016) – When a dog swallows something it shouldn’t have, finding a way to get the dog to vomit quickly can often be the difference between life and death. Innovet Pet Products just launched an emergency dog safety product, the STAT!Syringe, which can quickly be used to help a dog vomit immediately.

Sadly, many dogs lose their lives or become very ill after accidentally eating chocolate, poison or prescription drugs. In this far from rare kind of situation, most pet owners are completely unprepared. Innovative pet product company Innovet recently announced the release of their solution to this – the STAT!Syringe – a one-shot oral syringe that induces vomit in a dog, potentially saving their lives.

“For many of us, our dogs are our best friends or like a member of the family,” commented David Louvet, a spokesperson from Innovet Pet Products. “The STAT!Syringe, when used with household hydrogen peroxide, will have a dog quickly vomiting. This will empty out any poison or other problem item the dog ate and leave them ready to begin feeling better, or at least buy time to get them to the vet.”

According to the company, the STAT!Syringe is calibrated for dogs between 5 and 60lbs. It’s intended to be kept in a pet first aid kit so pet owners know where it is in an emergency. After use, the dog may need to be given activated charcoal from a veterinarian. The directions for use recommend to first contact the ASPCA poison control hotline or your veterinarian to confirm that the substance ingested is safe to induce vomiting with. Some poisons like acids can do more harm on the way back up.

Currently, owners are forced to do semi complex mathematics on the spot and in a panic, in order to find the proper dosage of household hydrogen peroxide needed to induce vomiting in their dog. Then getting the dog to swallow spoonfuls of hydrogen peroxide was another difficult and stressful task.

Louvet went on to explain, “The inspiration for the STAT!Syringe was Maggie, a Labrador puppy of one of our employees. It seemed like every week during this summer, Maggie was getting into chocolate or almond snacks. We were going through the same messy panic over and over, for every teaspoon that we got in, Maggie would spit out a tablespoon worth!”

This product is only for use with dogs and early feedback has been very positive. Michelle K. from Ohio recently said, “I have had a dog die from poison and the vet said she could have lived if she had vomited. Now I keep the STAT!Syringe ready just in case of an emergency. We have three dogs now and I never want to experience that nightmare again. Five stars and fully recommended.”

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Note: The STAT!Syringe is NOT for humans or cats. Dogs only!

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David Louvet
Innovet Pet Products

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