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MINNEAPOLIS (October 23, 2013)My Dog’s Name, an online resource to help dog owners find the perfect puppy name quicker and more easily, is now live. The site allows users to sort by different name styles and themes, reducing the time it takes to select a name for their dog.

The majority of dog naming resources online are formatted in long alphabetical lists that make users wade through hundreds of names that don’t appeal to them. Or they report on the most popular dog names, not exactly helpful when looking for a unique moniker.

My Dog Name’s eliminates these headaches. To get started, users pick the style (or styles) of names they like. Options include friendly, elegant, classic, funny, tough, sporty and more. After selecting style, My Dog’s Name generates a list of awesome options.

Or, users can sort by theme. Say they’re a sports fan and want a dog name that reflects that, or they love movies and are looking for a silver screen name. My Dog’s Name makes it simple to sort by personal interests.

The site also provides helpful articles to aid the dog owner in the naming process.

Visit and give it a try today.

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Jessi Klein
My Dog’s Name

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