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Keeping pets satisfied with full bellies (satiety) and satisfied with the food taste while consuming less calories: these are the goals of companies developing pet foods for weight management, according to a recent article from


Dogs consuming fewer calories and appearing less hungry resulted when they were fed fiber-enhanced foods for weight management, according to Hill’s Pet Nutrition expert. Dogs that ate the high fiber food consumed 27 percent fewer calories and lost more than four times the body fat.


DSM Nutritional Products’ Dr. Martin Karutz reported that the pet nutrition industry is focusing on reduced-calorie products instead of learning from the human nutrition market. The article cites Fabuless, a satiety-triggering ingredient demonstrated to reduce pets’ calorie intake. With satiety created, appetite is reduced and better digestion of gut contents results, according to Karutz. Testing of Fabuless on 40 adult beagle dogs with a known history of high pet food intake resulted in an average 8 percent reduction of daily food intake, with the study dogs who tended to overeat showing a 15 percent reduction in feed quantities.


In terms of supplemental treats, the article cites PetAg’s CatSlim and DogSlim products. CatSlim is designed as a meal replacement and food supplement for cats over four years of age to maintain a proper weight. DogSlim snack bites are designed for weight management and contain vitamin A, dietary fiber, and fructooligosaccharides, with availability in three flavors.


The DogsWell company offers the Shape Up line of food for dogs, designed for weight management and containing L-cartinitine, which according to Eukanuba, is a proven fat burner that allows dogs to burn fat and not store it.


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