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Horizon Pet Nutrition, a family owned business, recently announced their grain-free pet food which will be available in North American specialty pet food stores this month.


Using ingredients sourced locally and with fresh meat, the line of grain-free nutrition is touted as a breakthrough for Horizon Pet Nutrition and an adjunct to their commercially produced pet food that came to market approximately seven years ago. In 2006, the company launched Legacy, which was the first pet food to introduce peas and pea starch as an alternative to potato and tapioca. The result was improved digestibility and a reduction of glycemic index in a grain-free diet for dogs.


The new line is called Pulsar and incorporates peas and lentils as the key carbohydrate and fiber source. Horizon shared that the peas and lentils provide a low glycemic index of carbs along with easily absorbed dietary fiber and antioxidant properties.


Jeff English, Co-Founder of Horizon Pet Nutrition, stated, “Our philosophy (at Horizon Pet Nutrition) is to seek new combinations of exceptional ingredients to optimize pet nutrition and push the boundaries of dietary evolution. This is an evolution we expect the pet food industry will follow, as it provides a high-quality, low GI grain-free diet, at an unparalleled price in the market.”


Pulsar is being touted as an affordable, high quality grain-free food at specialty pet retail locations. With its manufacturing facility in Canada’s Saskatchewan area, Horizon’s cost advantages are numerous, and the company shared they are able to produce high quality food for dogs at an affordable price.


Saskatchewan is in the heart of one of the highest quality Canadian agriculture districts. Because the Horizon Pet Nutrition team develops, tests and manufactures all of its own products in their new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, they pass on quality and savings to the end consumer.


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