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LOVELAND, Colo. (September 18, 2013) – Home to Heaven, northern Colorado’s leading pet end-of-life-care provider, has become the first company of its kind in Colorado to offer Alkaline Hydrolysis cremation services for pets. Alkaline Hydrolysis is also known as water-based cremation, aquamation, green cremation, bio- cremation, and flame-less cremation. The addition of this service to Home to Heaven’s portfolio makes it the most comprehensive pet end-of-life care company in the state of Colorado and helps solidify its position as one of the most comprehensive and top performing providers in the nation.

The majority of Home to Heaven’s client families request cremation as the preferred form of body care and approximately 75 percent request to keep their pet’s remains. The company can now work with families and directly manage the entire end-of-life care experience.

“Home to Heaven was founded to meet the needs of pet owners who were looking for humane, comfortable, in-home euthanasia service for all types of companion animals,” said Dr. Kathleen Cooney, founder of Home to Heaven. “Since 2006, we have been able to add additional pet end-of-life care services including in-home hospice and now, body care, to simplify the experience for our customers. We have received great feedback already from our families who appreciate the extra care that can be given to their pet even after they have passed.”

Alkaline Hydrolysis – How It Works
Mainly used in medical and veterinary school settings, Alkaline Hydrolysis was not applied in a commercial setting until 2010, according to the Matthews International Cremation Division. Home to Heaven’s Alkaline Hydrolysis system uses a combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity to accelerate the natural course of decomposition. Private chambers reside within the alkaline hydrolysis machine, providing a complete barrier among individual pets. Families will have the option to receive only their pet’s ashes, just like traditional crematories. In fact, families will receive up to 20 percent more individual ashes do to this gentler process.

In addition to its benefits to pet owners, Alkaline Hydrolysis has environmental advantages. According to research out of the University of Melbourne, the process of traditional fire cremation can produce up to 350 lbs. of greenhouse gases per body. With Alkaline Hydrolysis, the environmental impacts are significantly reduced as the process generates a sterile, EPA neutral liquid solution that is suitable for release into the earth. The process does not release any greenhouse gas emissions and has one-tenth the carbon footprint of standard cremation.

Home to Heaven will use the remaining nutrients from the process on its farmland in east Loveland. Communal ashes will also be spread on the farm in Home to Heaven’s memorial garden.

Visit to watch a short video for more information on Alkaline Hydrolysis.

About Home to Heaven
Based in Loveland, Colo. and established in 2006, Home to Heaven provides hospice and euthanasia services to all species including dogs, cats, small exotics, horses, and companion livestock, allowing them to make a peaceful end-of-life transition in the comfort of home. Home to Heaven provides same-day service throughout northern Colorado 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Owner Dr. Kathleen Cooney is a national expert providing training and guidance on best practices through educational events, brochures and euthanasia books. For more information, call (970) 412-6212.

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