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4 Paws Holistic opened last fall and is increasing staff and product offerings. The store sells natural, organic pet products and holistic food and treats.

The store is located in Charlotte, N.C. and has seen a steady flow of eager customers and media coverage. Manager Danielle Furr says customer demand for premium products already established prior to the store opening. She often has to special order items that do not fit in the small location.

“A lot of people have gone green or organic in their own lives and want to do the same for their own pets,” says Furr, “They see the health benefits and results of changing their foods or adding supplements.”

The store’s owners and staff pride themselves on cheery, boutique atmosphere and customer service.

“We go out of our way,” Furr says she often plays with animals and takes the time to educate customers about healthy diets,” They enjoy the interaction; they enjoy being known by name; they like the fact that [store owners] Bruce and Tim… will carry out bags for them. They don’t get the service they get here at other places.”

The 4 Paws staff also participates in pet adoption and food drive events. “What I find fascinating here is that, or course, there are a lot of pedigree dogs…but on the other hand the majority of the animals that come in here are rescues. I’d say about 70 percent,” says Bruce Nemeth, proprietor.

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