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Hendrick Boards has been named one of the 10 small businesses in the nation by the American Express OPEN and Facebook, it was recently announced.
Of the companies on the list, Hendrick Boards is the only company that gives back, only animal-related company and only California-based company to make the top 10 list. As of Monday, August 20, the top 10 small businesses will compete for a grand prize of $25,000 and a business makeover from Facebook and Amex. The top five vote getters from August 20 through August 31 on Facebook will receive the grand prize.

Hendrick Boards is involved in handcrafted maple and bamboo skateboard decks. While volunteering at a shelter in California a few years ago, David Hendrickson saw a Chihuahua puppy enter the facility. The dog’s mom had ingested household chemicals, so the little dog was poisoned at birth. Hendrickson nursed the puppy back to help and now helps animals find loving homes while donating 20 percent of a product price to local animal nonprofit groups.

David, Donny and Darren Hendrickson, 25-year-old identical triplet brothers, started Hendrick Boards in mid-2011 simply as a means to support local animal shelters, rescues and sanctuaries across the nation. As much as 40 percent of the purchase price goes directly to the customer’s local animal nonprofit.  Hendrick Boards formed a network of over 150 local animal nonprofits, including a farm sanctuary in Hawaii, a rescue in New York City started by a wheelchair-bound woman with MS, a monkey sanctuary in San Diego and a rescue that led the fight to make Austin the largest no-kill city in the nation.

The American Express OPEN Big Break is an annual competition, which recognizes the top small businesses in the nation. A panel of judges, including representatives from American Express and Facebook, reviewed nearly 13,000 small businesses across the nation.

For more about the contest and to view all ten nominees with videos, visit

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