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NEW YORK (November 30, 2015) Shine for Dogs was created to help keep pets safe and in sight while raising funds and awareness for dogs in need. From each leash or collar purchase, $10 is donated directly to shelters and rescues. $10 can pay for a week’s worth of food, help pay medical bills or, most importantly, help dogs find their forever homes.

1.2 million dogs are hit and killed by cars every year^. Long work hours, strict off-leash laws and short days often mean we are walking our pets at night. Shine for Dogs products bring peace of mind, allowing us to see our pets in the dark in the parks and know, that while we’re walking on the streets, we’re visible to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

When reality bites, dogs look to us for protection.

It is estimated that 9,000 dogs are being destroyed every day due to overcrowding and lack of funds^. 3.9 million dogs enter in to the shelter system nationwide every year^. It is no surprise that these organizations need our help, and what better way by ‘getting and giving’. Get, Give, Save. To be successful in their cause, Shine for Dogs products are ‘top dog’ with key features:

  • Rechargeable – never pay for batteries again!
  • 4 x LED – Ultra bright.
  • 2 x Fiber optic strips allowing better flexibility, comfort for your dog and when bent, twisted or pulled, the current does not break, causing the product to no longer work (like wire LED).
  • Durable, weather resistant, variety of colors and sizes.

Shine for Dogs recognize that as dog lovers, we want to help. But life throws us with restrictions: cannot have another dog, apartment living, cannot do shelter work. By offering superior quality, long lasting products at affordable prices, Shine for Dogs hope that a difference to all dogs can be achieved. The rechargeable LED light-up collars and leashes can be purchased on their website, supporting pet stores and pet service establishments who believe in their cause.

We invite you to learn more at

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^Sources: The Pets Perspective Blog. The Mosby Foundation. “Truth of what happens to shelter animals everyday.” The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “Pet Statistics.” – all web accessed: June 05, 2015.

Media Contact:
Nicci Theron

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