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The Hartz Mountain Corporation recently revealed they are having increased advertising success in conjunction with Chief Media, a multi-layer full-service direct response advertising agency. Having recently released their Continuum 1.0 analytics and tracking platform coupled with the increased ROI (return on investment) of direct response, Hartz reports a reduction in marketing costs along with metrics provided for future advertising decision making.
Scott Paternoster, President of Chief Media, reported, “The Hartz Mountain Corporation is a perfect example of a well-established brand that embraces new marketing technologies, specifically our Continuum software. They quickly realized the benefit of reducing their marketing costs by using remnant media, generating direct to consumer revenue to offset the cost of the media expense, acquiring direct consumer data that is monetized via our cross sell engine and supporting their critical retail partnerships at a greater level than before because of the inherent savings realized.”
Using both a 2-minute and a 1-minute commercial on regional and local cable, a broadcast was done to drive both retail and direct response. Metrics and feedback from the commercials allowed Chief Media better backend media analysis. According to the company statement, “A continuum cross-sell component was matched back to original media that generated the primary sale to allow for Lifetime Value (LTV) analytics.”
The hybrid campaign was managed by Chief Media and enabled data acquisition along with nationwide a boost in retail sales nationwide for the Hartz UltraGuard Pro flea and tick drops.
Hartz has been in business for over 85 years and offers pet products for a variety of species, needs, age, weight, and lifestyle. Further information about Hartz may be accessed at
Chief Media has developed trackable direct response campaigns since 1999, with campaigns involving broadcast, print, radio, cable, syndication, and online media. The company website is

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