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Long Island, NY, September 12, 2011 – Some dog owners dread going on vacation.  There’s fear, followed by guilt, as they wonder if their precious pups are happy and well cared for.  Now, doggie parents can buy peace of mind with a unique dog boarding service.  The folks at Goodnight Lucky “match” dog owners with host families who provide care in their homes.  To ensure a good fit, clients (and their dogs) visit with the host family before making a commitment.

A few lucky dog owners have a trusted individual whom they pay to watch their precious pups.  Others rely on the generosity of family and friends.  But, that can come with strings attached.  Sometimes a little voice surfaces in the back of their heads . . . “I hope I’m not imposing”.  And then there are kennels, which can be a bit overwhelming for some dog parents.  “The concept for Goodnight Lucky was born out of fear,” says Port Washington based dog lover Debbie Gruber, the owner.  “I have Cindy, a wonderful woman who cares for my dog, Lucky, when I travel”.  “But, I thought, what happens if Cindy’s not available, or if God forbid retires?  Who can I trust to take care of Lucky?”

Many people think of their dogs as “furry children”, and want them to receive the most loving of care.  So, what happens if your dog is used to sleeping in bed with you?  “No problem” says Debbie, “A dog can climb right into bed with the host.  All our hosts have very understanding spouses.”

The fee ranges from $45 to $49 per night, depending on the size of the dog.  For more information, dog parents can contact Goodnight Lucky at (516) 439-5070 or visit their website:

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