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Nomad Editions publishes weekly digital media to paying subscribers’ mobile devices including the iPad. Good Dog the newest digital publication became available today. Good Dog will provide product reviews, advice, and do-it-yourself videos for subscribers.

“With our recent successful launch in Apple’s App Store, we are thrilled to offer Good Dog as a strong addition to our roster of diverse digital publications,” says Mark Edmiston, CEO of Nomad Editions. “Good Dog appeals to dog lovers everywhere with engaging feature stories and a unique take on canine topics. We look forward to developing and launching more Nomad Editions in the next few months.”

“You don’t have to own a dog to enjoy Good Dog,” said Editor Sonia Zjawinski. “We’ve got great storytelling and fascinating subjects for anyone.” Zjawinski is a regular contributor to The New York Times and co-founder of the pet blog She is also a certified dog trainer.

Interviews and features in the first two issues include interviews with Art Smith, Oprah’s former chef and professional epicure shares a recipe for dog treats and his passion for his three dogs, a fashion magazine reporter that is experimenting with dog and human portraits, and a Japanese architect that suggests how to create a home that is best for pet behavior.

For subscription information please visit the Nomad Editions website.

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