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Long Island, NY – Did you ever hear of a job that pays you to stay at home and not work?  Probably not, either did we.  But, Goodnight Lucky does just that.  They’re a dog boarding company that pays their hosts (the people who care for overnight dog guests) to stay at home and not work.  Most hosts, who reside in Long Island, make $25 per night for each dog.

So what exactly does the job entail?  “It can be a great fit for a dog lover. Basically, you get to paid to stay at home and love, care and play with dogs.  A dog stays in your home anywhere from a few nights to a few weeks, depending on how long the owner is traveling” says Debbie Gruber, the owner.  To ensure a good fit, the host meets with the client (and their dog) before making a commitment.

Many people think of their dogs as full fledged members of their families, and don’t want to go the kennel route, preferring a home environment for their pup’s care.  “A host may need an understanding spouse, as some dog visitors will want to climb right into bed with you” says Debbie, “just hope they don’t snore!”.  For more information, contact Goodnight Lucky at (516) 439-5050 or visit their website

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