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Freshpet, a company that is a manufacturer of fresh pet food made in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, announced the launch of the next phase of their “Protest” campaign. The campaign includes three television spots along with posters at sponsorship events. They plan to focus on the fresh nature of Freshpet food versus the preservative-heavy dog foods on store shelves.

The campaign was created by The Terri & Sandy Solution and follows up to the “Protest” spot done last year, which was touted as the most effective spot in the pet food category, according to Ace Metrix.

Scott Morris, Freshpet’s Co-founder, reported, “Our company was founded on the simple idea that fresher, less processed foods are healthier for us and the pets in our lives. At Freshpet we use fresh meats and refrigeration as our preservative. The ingredients used to make shelf-stable dog and cat food could never be used for human foods and the ‘Protest’ campaign highlights this.”

The campaign features dogs that wear placards with word play on them, such as a pug wearing a sign that says “Pug Off, Preservatives,” a Shih Tzu wearing, “Propylene Glycol Is Shih Tzu,” and a mutt with a sign, “By-Products Can Kiss My Mutt.”

Freshpet is a company that is headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey and provides fresh, refrigerated pet food to consumers. It was founded in 2006 and all poultry comes from leading human suppliers. The poultry is inspected by the USDA, and Freshpet offers both grain and grain-free varieties of dog and cat foods.

Some of the Freshpet brands include Freshpet Select and Dog Joy, which can be found in mass-market retailers and selected grocery stores; and Deli Fresh, Vital, and Dog Nation, which can be found at selected pet specialty stores.

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